Horse galloping around track



Just like the convenience of our Liquid Poultice, Dr. Milt’s Cream Poultice is the perfect replacement for clay products. It’s such a big time-saver and can be applied by simply placing a generous amount of cream onto your hand and then rubbing it onto your horses legs until the cream is absorbed. It’s that easy. So say goodbye to the messy clay and welcome this easy-to-use cream poultice. Apply as directed and rest easy that you are using the best natural products available for your horses! For best results, use in combination with the spray poultice on leg or affected area first.

1.5oz. Cream Poultice Tube 8oz. Cream Poultice Tube



Trial Size: Carry in pocket or bag.
Rub on legs or hoofs on-the-go at first sign of swelling.

Regular Size: Rub on swollen legs
and hoofs as required after workout.

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