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Say Hello to Spray-on Poultice and Goodbye to Clay! At last, there is a Poultice available that DOES NOT require packing clay around legs and hoofs, followed by the tedious task of applying a wrap. Dr. Milt’s Liquid Poultice is the perfect replacement for clay and can be applied with the pump of the spray nozzle. Simply apply and rub it on with your hands for maximum results. Your horses will start to feel the soothing effect almost immediately...and that should make you feel better as well. For best results, use in combination with cream poultice applied after spray.

2oz. Liquid Poultice Spray Bottle 8oz. Liquid Poultice Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle-7700R

Spray Bottle-7701R

Trial Size: Carry in pocket or bag.
Spray legs on-the-go at first sign of swelling.

Regular Size: Spray on swollen legs
and hoofs as required after workout.

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