The following are endorsements from our satisfied customers:

"I heard about Dr Milt’s Liniment Gel from an online horse forum “The Chronical of the Horse” where riders were talking about their favorite liniments. Yours is the best I have used. I love how the gel gets under the hair and absorbs into the skin (doesn't sit on top of the hair) and the scent/herbal oils smell great as well as aid in decreasing heat and inflammation. I use Epson salts in my baths, and it’s nice to find a magnesium liniment that I can put on my horse without the extra time/effort of soaking his legs or body. Best of all, it doesn't 'burn' or create a rash to my sensitive hands like many super strong and alcohol-based liniments. Thanks again for such a wonderful product!"

Eatonville, WA

Adams County 4-h Horse Club Dear Dr. Milt's Magnesium Poultice, Thank you for donating test products to our 4-h clubs funshow. There were 11 of us and 9 riders whose horses needed some muscle relaxant after a fun filled day! -Adams County 4-h horse club. Gettysburg PA.

Dear Dr. Milt,

"I love your product! I recently started using it on my Quarter Horse "Doc". He was diagnosed with Navicular and it has inflamed his Deep Flexor Tendon. He has been getting OSPHOS injections that have helped tremendously. Although I use him for light rides he still needs a preventative to keep the swelling down after a ride. I have been using the Cream Poultice and wrapping him after each ride. He has been sound for 2 months now and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have my boy back!"

Diane S.
Monmouth County, NJ

Dear Dr. Milt,

"I just wanted to thank you for your help and advice with your Magnesium Sulfate cream poultice. After having a bad horse accident one year ago and suffering a severe broken ankle, I can assure you that your product has made a big difference in my pain level in my ankle.

I also believe it is the best product on the market to use on a horse. Your line of spray, cream, and gel make it so easy to apply, and it is fast acting and long lasting with no mess. Every horse owner or trainer, regardless of breed or discipline, should have your product in their barn.

Being a farrier and horseman for close to 50 years, I can honestly say that your products make a difference in every horse I work on. Thanks for such a great product!"

Jeff Stubblefield
Master Farrier


"I am placing an order for the product that we bought in Ohio at the Equine Affaire. With our purchase we also received the cream poultice, which we love as well. I will be sure to spread this wonderful news to our horse friends in Michigan. We have also been using both products on ourselves and they seem to be working wonderfully. We know a few people/horses/dogs that would benefit from this and we would love to get them as hooked as we are.

My horse has a seasonal skin allergy. In the past, he has done muscle damage by chronically itching his chest, not to mention the open wounds he acquires from biting at it. The vet is at a loss as to the cause and no longer has any ideas of treatment, as cortisone shots do not even work. I use the Dr. Milt’s Liniment only once or twice a week and he has left the irritated area alone and it is completely healed. It also appears that he is calmer and more relaxed when the liniment is on him. I love this product.

I know I will be placing another order soon, as we just received a racehorse in for rehabilitation. He had check ligament surgery performed in February and is having a difficult time recovering. He appears to be sore in many places so I began messaging his hindquarters with the liniment. He is a huge horse standing 16.3 hh, so it will take quite a bit of the liniment along with some chiropractic, but I am hoping to have great results from him as well. I will keep you updated on him."

Becky H.

Dear Dr. Milt's,

"For well over a year, my family and I have been using your Magnesium Sulfate Poultice products on our pleasure Quarter horses, and ourselves! We found them to be consistently effective and easy to use-the results in many cases have been astounding.

When used on my horses for areas of inflammation, exercise recovery, injuries and the like, the results were rapid and soothing, even promoted healing. This winter I used it when assisting my neighbor's OTTB with a hoof abscess-her tendons and lower leg had even begun swelling, and we figured a visit from the vet next morning was probably necessary. After a quick Crystals bucket soak, hoof wrap and massage with the Spray Poultice, the inflammation completely disappeared overnight-we found her happily walking around the paddock!

The Spray has become a daily use staple, whether riding/training, barnyard bruises/strains, and recently, to reduce and relieve the misery of belly mosquito bites. Nothing I have used before works as well, as quickly, and for so many things!

I am also a practicing equine bodyworker and use the Spray/Gel on my client's horses as an adjunct to improving muscle tonicity, range of motion, circulation, and to reduce any pain or swellings; I can be confident that the natural, high quality ingredients of Dr. Milt's magnesium liniment products are going to be effective, soothing, and safe for them.

I can also personally attest to the pain relief effects. After a swift kick to the bone near my elbow last year, I repeatedly and generously applied the Poultice Gel and ice to the huge swelling that immediately appeared up and down my arm; I could barely move it! Within an hour, the swelling was 3/4 gone-every time I applied it, the pain relief was instant. I was then able to wrap it, finish out my day's appointments, even drove my truck! X-rays days later found a crush/lift injury to the bone surface, and an anti-inflammatory was the only prescribed approach-guess what natural, effective, soothing lotion I used? Pretty amazing for such a painful, acute, joint-related injury! Needless to say, we all use it daily for overwork, neck, shoulder stiffness, and even achy, tired feet. It smells great and feels even better.

Thanks so much for your high quality, natural health and fitness support. Please add me to the your list for notices regarding more new Dr. Milt's products!"

Mary Kay Burkart
Berryville, Virginia

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