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The only liniment and poultice that provides a soaking salt bath in a bottle!

Looking for the next level of body care for your equine or canine athlete?

Is your companion on the trails feeling sore and achey the next day?

Does your senior 4-legged pet have joint stiffness?

Then it’s time to step up to Dr. Milt’s. Our products are the ONLY liniment and poultice that use Magnesium Sulfate (epsom salt) as the liquid, gel, and cream base. We harness the power of Arnica and essential oils to help with sore joints, swelling, and muscle aches, and add Magnesium Sulfate to bring our products to the next level in body care.

Our Products:

Aid In Restoring Stressed and Overworked Muscles

Decrease Swelling and Enhance Recovery

Decrease Injuries By Providing Support to Ligaments and Tendons

Will Not Blister and Is Safe To Use Under Wraps

Can Be Used in Conjunction With Ceramic and Magnetic Therapy Wraps and Blankets

Is Non-Drying, Healthy For the Skin and Will Not Discolor Coat

Dries Clear and Leaves No Residue

Will Add Magnesium To Blood Levels For Overall Body Health and Calmness

Ready to move your equine and canine care to the next level? Welcome To Dr. Milt’s!

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